Cozy Islands – craft & build 0.0.17 Apk (Mod Menu, Infinite Money)

Cozy Islands is developed by Tetrox Limited, a not so famous game company. While players now prefer survival games and visual novel games, they bring extremely unique and compelling simulation gameplay. Along with a beautiful 3D graphics background, you will definitely love it.

About the Game

Game Name : Cozy Islands – craft & build

Game Version : 0.0.17

Category : Simulation Games

Size :  126MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

Download Cozy Islands Apk Mod Infinite Money Mediafire 2022

Have you ever felt very tired from work or study in a busy city? Many people left the noisy city, to return to their villages, to live a free and comfortable life. If you can’t fulfill that wish, try Cozy Islands game. This game helps you relax as it brings you back to a peaceful country life on a beautiful island. Arriving on the pristine island, you will start a new wave and build your own village.

build your village

At the beginning of the game, you are taken to a beautiful island, which is Cozy Islands. This island is not known by many people, nor does it develop tourism. This is an ideal place for you to experience a peaceful life with nature. From the land full of trees, you need to mine and explore the beautiful place to start building a place to live. Gradually, you develop it into a dream village. It’s your childhood village.

After construction, you should also regularly renovate and upgrade the quality of houses. You are free to design the style, interior and decoration of the house according to your preferences. So you will feel the warmth and familiarity in this place.

Screenshot image

Explore other islands

Cozy Islands isn’t just about building and designing gameplay. The game also lets you unleash adventures on this beautiful island. You can start adventures, explore places no one has ever been on the island. Or simply, enjoy your vacation and travel on the blue beaches. During your exploration, you can learn about different cultures and meet cute animals on the island. They can become your companions in this game.

Meet and help people

In this game, you are not alone, you can meet people on the island or on the small islands nearby. Chat and interact with characters you know. In addition to talking, you also have to help them. The people of the island have not yet settled, they need many things to be able to live in peace. With the ability to build, you create a dream village for them to live in, gradually improving their lives.

Screenshot image

impressive graphics

It can be seen that the gameplay of Cozy Islands is really interesting and attractive. Not only that, the game’s graphics are equally impressive. It is equipped with high quality 3D graphics by the developer. They want their journey of discovery to be more memorable than ever before. Thus, an island of dreams appeared with an enchanting beauty. Anyone who sees it wants to live there. Or just travel there once.

Game images are not designed according to real life style. Instead, the game chooses a cartoon visual style. But everything like the setting, characters, environment in the game is created with high sharpness and detail. The game also has the environment and weather as in real life. You can see sunny and rainy weather and day and night scenes. Effects like lighting, shadow effects are created to make game images more vivid. You will have an experience like watching 3D cartoons.

Screenshot image

Download Cozy Islands Mod Apk Free for Android Updated Version

With this gameplay and visual style, Cozy Islands helps you feel familiar and happy in the countryside. You no longer feel tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. So this is going to be a fun and relaxing game that you can’t miss!

Mod Information

Infinite Money

1 – install the APK and that’s it, have fun!



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