Disney Emoji Blitz v51.2.0 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money)

Disney Emoji Blitz Latest Mod Apk

Game Name : Disney Emoji Blitz

Game Version : 51.2.0

Category : Puzzle Games

Size :  143MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

Disney Emoji Blitz Mod Apk Unlimited Gems 2022

If you’re a big fan of cartoon characters, Disney marked your childhood. Then for sure this will be the game for you which is Disney Emoji Blizt. Get the touch and shape of characters from the Disney animation studio that has been so famous around the world. Combined with Candy Crush game genre like popular Candy Crush game. It promises to bring you happy feelings. With moments that remind childhood when trying this game.

Download Disney Emoji Blitz Apk Mod Infinite Money Mediafire 2022

Disney Emoji Blitz belongs to the timed puzzle genre. Your objective is to complete the missions according to each level of the game within the allotted time. The challenges presented are not very difficult. But to achieve in a limited time also requires an ingenious and observant of yourself. Along with the graphics to look at, you will always feel familiar. These are Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bears and a host of other familiar characters.

Immerse yourself in the world of childhood

Based on the gameplay of scoring games that are extremely familiar to most players. Disney Emoji Blitz has many levels in order. Complete the first level to play for the second level. The further you go to the next level, the harder it will increase. Each game level will have a square made up of a certain number of scrambled expressions. Your task is to move one of the expressions in four directions to get a sequence of three or four of the same expression. They will glow and fade and leave the corresponding dots for you.

The task of each level is to collect a sufficient number of a certain type of tables. And you have to collect them by lining up the 3 or 4 expressions above. When the required amount is collected, the timer will stop and you will gain that level. Reaching each level of a certain level will help you to get a lot of gifts. Collect new and prettier expressions to add to the next level of gameplay. With 2200+ cartoon character expressions. Disney Emoji Blitz gameplay will make you feel very relaxed and kind.

Screenshot image

Victory with special powers

In addition to bringing the traditional gameplay can not be changed from legendary puzzle games. Disney Emoji Blitz also has another special in-game mechanic. As you go through 4 or more expressions, they combine to form a special expression with many interesting functions. When merging 4 in a row you will get a cloud expression accompanied by thunder. Enabling this expression will shock and remove all expressions in a straight line. Or when combined into 5 limbs, it will create a 7 color star that can scan every expression on the screen. This creates extremely diverse and thoughtful gameplay for the game.

Screenshot image

Receive event gifts

Every day and every time of the year, the game will be updated with many events. According to certain times of the year. Each of these seasonal events will be given the appropriate characters for that event to symbolize consistency and logic. Events will include mini-games or side quests. You need to do them at the main levels to be able to claim exclusive rewards for that event. Hurry up because attractive and eye-catching gifts are waiting for you to receive at special events.

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Amazing milestones have been reached

When you reach a level milestone in the game. You will get very attractive rewards like having one or more powers when starting the game screen. Or other support items or new attractive character expressions. Or perform side challenges on the game screen. How to collect a certain amount of expression from a character. Creates heavier clouds and a 7-color star. Disney Emoji Blitz offers all the benefits of receiving gifts in any form. And gifts after each milestone will naturally increase, so please work hard while playing.

Screenshot image

Download Disney Emoji Blitz Infinite Gems Free for Android

Brilliant graphics, fun music are a big plus. Combined with a cute interface suitable for young children. Disney Emoji Blitz is a very special and extremely attractive puzzle game for kids. As for the young or even the married. The game will be a journey that will take you back to childhood memories associated with the immortal cartoon characters in your heart. Download Disney Emoji Blitz now and go on a fun journey of memories!

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– MOD MENU // Remember to allow overlay/draw permission over other apps on Android 6 and up.
– Free Purchase Coins // Buy as many coins as you want for free using gems
– Buy Free Lives // Buy as many hearts as you want for free using gems
– Free Purchase Boxes // Buy as many boxes as you want for free using coins
– Free Quests Swap // Quests Swap even if you don’t have gems needed
– You don’t need the amount of gems needed to buy something // if you only have 10 gems, you can buy something that costs 500 gems
– No ads added

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– Size: 143MB
– Requires Android: 4.2 or higher

1 – install the APK and that’s it, have fun!



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