Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter + Premium 41.9 Apk (MOD Infinite/Premium Money)

Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter apk mod updated infinite money 2022 – features a colorful fleet of ships for you to pilot and an even more colorful fleet of alien forces ready to ruin your missions. Unlike most shmups available today, you don’t collect new weapons, but transform your ships mid-fight.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter gives you a bunch of different options on where you can spend your gold. Some of them would be upgrading your ships, learning new feats like Archero, buying new ships and some others. Depending on you, you might think that buying any of these would be a good idea. Of course, some of them will help, but let’s just say that getting new talent is a gamble. You might get something completely useless (e.g. drone upgrades when you don’t have any drones) or something that doesn’t affect your long-term performance (e.g. event item drops).

About Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter + Premium

Game Name : Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter + Premium

Game Version : 41.9

Category : Action Game

Size : 163MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher


Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter + Premium Mod Apk

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Infinite crystals apk mediafire relies heavily on transformation mechanics. Every time you collect a different ship’s icon, your current ship changes to the same ship that crashed. But while ship morphing can help in different situations, it’s best if you stick to a favorite and focus your upgrades on that ship.

But as the game progresses, the ship’s transformations are dropped by chance, so buying the transformation before the start of a quest (with a very low value of 500 gold for the first three starters) will benefit you a lot if the chosen ship is your favorite. Naturally, rarer ships are more expensive, but the chances of you getting those ships are slim. That’s why we’re going to focus on the first three starter ships.

Mod Information

– Damage multiple
– God Mod

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