Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 4.6.1 Apk (Mod Menu, Free Shopping)

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Latest Mod Apk
Free Shopping

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Diamond Infinity ios – is a famous and widely loved franchise, and has been developed into many products on many different platforms. This includes the game for the mobile platform, called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery . In this game, players will have the opportunity to explore Hogwarts School from many different perspectives, even becoming a member of the four great famous families. This game will bring players the most enjoyable experience of a mage, and players will strive to become the most potential individuals in the school. The mystery element will also cover the entire school, and the player will be able to admire the best of the wizarding world from a different perspective.

About Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Game Name : Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Category :  Adventure Games

Size :  145MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery apk mod infinite diamond 2022

Hogwarts mystery apk mod all infinity updated apk mediafire  will build everything to make the game free and friendly for everyone. Your first element of freedom is character and costume customization. Players do not need to wear school uniforms, but they can buy or wear shiny clothes from the store. The most prominent element is the characterization system, allowing players to rebuild their form in this game and immerse themselves in the magical world from a different perspective.

School is where students show their skills, whether knowledge or skills. And under an environment filled with magic, competitions will become more intriguing and engaging that students always want to get first place. The game will offer players a variety of familiar mini-games and quizzes, even related to the school’s history, and players will have the opportunity to receive many attractive rewards. Competitions are seen as positive activities, entertain players and provide a true student experience. If you have any interest , also download  Temple Run 2 Latest Mod Apk .

Some features of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Unlimited Energy 2022

  • Attend classes to learn magical skills
  • Character customization
  • 3d graphics and fun
  • Perform special missions

Mod Information

Mod Apk 1:
You can buy energy for crystals even if you don’t have enough of them
Mod Apk 2: 

 MOD Menu
The elegant user interface allows you to enable or disable cheats whenever you want.
– Unlimited energy (free to buy and not decrease)
The energy purchased is permanent. That is, you can install the mod, buy energy until it explodes, and continue playing with the original game. The energy will be permanently saved in your account =) Otherwise, you can enjoy the “No Energy Cost” feature and not consume energy when used.
– Instant Actions
You stopped the game in the middle of a mission and came back late so you ask for gems to continue? Unlimited gems will work here!
– Unlock Store Items
Does the item you want have a level lock? Don’t worry, you can unlock it with this feature =)
– Free Shopping with Gems
You can buy mostly everything for 0 games. Some things may not work. But you can’t buy gems for free.
Attention: When you have gems, they will be used. But you can still buy when you have 0 gems left.
– Free coin purchases
It doesn’t work for all things in the game, but for most. Same condition as gems.
– No Countrylock
In some countries this game is normally not playable, now everyone can play =)
– No cheat detection
That doesn’t mean you can’t get banned for using mods. This means the mod is not detected, you will not be automatically banned just for logging in with the mod. Bans for energy, gems, or any other hacks, of course, are still possible. Every mod carries the risk of getting banned.
– Unlocking items from the shop may not work for everything.
– Having any hacks enabled while the game is starting is not recommended. It may result in a loading error. Activate them when the game is fully loaded.

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