Hunter Assassin 1.78.0 Apk (MOD Infinite Money/Diamonds)

Download Hunter Assassin apk mod menu updated 2022

Have you ever thought of turning into an ultimate assassin? There, you can be alone and must destroy the infamous gangster. It’s worth mentioning that your enemies use guns while your weapon is just a knife to convey a sudden and silent death to them. Nobody can be so imaginative enough to think of an analogous situation in real life. Of course, possibly just in sport gives you a feeling you never considered. And Hunter Murderer will take you into that world. A silent but lethal world.

About Hunter Assassin

Game Name : Hunter Assassin

Game Version : 1.78.0

Category : Action Game

Size : 74MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

The gameplay in Hunter Killer

Very simple controls will make you like Hunter Murderer from the main game. However, don’t think that this sport doesn’t have the problem. The problem is in many different ranges. And naturally, the greater the range, the greater the problem will increase with the variety of enemies and you will be easy to detect. Then a useful recommendation: kill the lone enemies to open the path, and you can eliminate many enemies directly if they are in the same place. However, beware, death is a kind of wind!


The invisible highlighter Assassin

It is not exaggerating to say that you will become an invisible assassin in Hunter Assassin. Basically, nothing too difficult at all, just kill without being detected. The key is that you take advantage of the night’s darkness and loopholes of the enemy to finish them off. To win, you must not get shot or lost all Life Point. Every time you are discovered, you will be deducted a Life Point, and when it reaches 0, you lose. However, that does not mean you have to keep all Life Point. In some difficult levels, using Life Point in a smart way will help you through the level.


Download Hunter Assassin Mod Apk

In This game Hunter Assassin By killing each of the enemies, you get diamonds, which you can then use to unlock new characters. New characters are released randomly, but each of the new characters has special and unique features that you will get to know more about during the game and can be effective in your speed and performance in different ways. In addition, during the game there are many missions that you will be able to get more diamonds by doing, these missions can include killing a certain number of enemies, not being detected by enemies, performing ceremonial steps, and many missions.


  • – New graphics and audio effects.
  • – 10 new enemy types.
  • – Explosive and Freeze traps.
  • – 3 different doorways; normal, glass and timed.
  • – Spotlight areas that trigger missile attacks.
  • – All new user interface design.

Mod Information

– Endless crystals
– All characters are open

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