Ice Scream 4: The Rod Factory 1.2.3 Apk Mod (Unlimited Ammo/Outwitt)

Game Name : Ice Scream 4: The Rod Factory

Game Version : 1.2.3

Category : Adventure Games

Size :  162MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

About Ice Scream 4 Mod Apk

Ice Scream is a horror adventure game series that revolves around Rod, a whimsical ice cream vendor. He always wears an old rabbit mask, crumpled and torn in one corner, driving a colorful trailer around town selling ice cream. But it’s all just a cover, behind the funny naivety is a cold-blooded killer. He sells ice cream to lure and kidnap children.

In the first 3 seasons, there were 3 victims of being kidnapped with Rod’s cunning schemes and different cruel ways. J, a smart and talented boy who found out about Rod’s whole scheme (but no adult believes it) tries his best to free the pitiful victims, but the mission may fail. Part 3 ends when J comes up with an extremely dangerous manner, fattening himself up by eating too much ice cream made with special ingredients left behind by his 3 friends, and deliberately letting Rod take him away. And the journey to rescue friends starts here.

Explore the Ice Cream Factory

Continuing with the events left unfinished in part 3, after playing J with his three friends, Rod left. Guard J and three friends are two robots: a cleaning robot, a guard robot. Rob also has another very large robot, which is responsible for protecting the entire ice cream factory. These three Mini Rods have in common that as soon as they detect something unusual about you, they will emit a loud sound to signal the Rod.

Ice Scream 4 primarily revolves around J’s exploration of this spooky ice cream factory. And his task is to find a way to escape the pursuit of these three robots, find the control room to press the button to open the cage door to free your three friends.

After a while, J arrived at the exhibition area with mysterious numbers and many events that helped J to speculate a little bit about what happened in the past and childhood of the kidnapper Rod. Combining these numbers we have a puzzle that, if solved, J will be equipped with a stun gun. After some chase, J managed to arrest Boris, the biggest robot, to disable him.

Mod Information

– Options are available for menu control
– unlimited ammo
– dumb bot

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