Kingdom Rush 5.8.02 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

Download Kingdom Rush apk mod infinite money updated download will take you back to the world of epic and drama, so if you like castle defense, feel free to download this game right now! Today you will step into the role of a knight whose mission is to prevent the conquest of your territory, your castle, your fortress! Do you know what knights used to be? They were ready to do anything for the sake of their triumphant victory, they are ready to put all their forces behind, just to repel the enemy at all costs! Are you ready for this? If so, read about new Tower Defense genre features below

Game Name : Kingdom Rush

Game Version : 5.8.02

Category : Strategy Games

Size :  126MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

In Kingdom Rush, invasions by trolls and fel orcs await you. Fighting against these representatives of darkness, do not forget about the secret acts of evil magicians, who more than anyone can harm your castle, the defense of which you must not surrender at any cost. What can you do about it? You have a whole team of archers and mages who are ready to fight for the honor and freedom of the castle at the cost of their lives. During the game, you and your assistants will achieve different achievements that will help you to get the coveted victory! In this game you’ll also find many jokes from famous movies with a similar theme, as well as new discoveries from old encyclopedias about towers and their secrets. Good game!

Kingdom Rush is a popular tower defense game. The gameplay has a completely classic style; to win, you must contain the opponents’ offensive, defending a certain area of ​​the map. You will find goblins, dwarves orcs and other types of monsters, there are more than fifty of them in the game. They will attack in waves and each subsequent attack will be bigger than the one before.

To complete the most difficult missions, you will need a lot of upgrades. A mod for big money will help you buy new characters and unlock dozens of useful tower upgrades. Use spells with different effects to inflict maximum damage on entire squads and bosses! Before each attack, you will be able to estimate the destruction radius of each individual tower. In addition, you will have additional types of weapons with high damage, but their number is limited.

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