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About My Dear Farm Latest Mod Apk

Download My Dear Farm apk mod infinite money updated 2023 download via mediafire – Farm simulation games genre is gradually saturated when there are thousands of similar games. But you’ll find a new feeling in My Dear Farm, a new game from publisher HyperBeard. It will delight you with its super adorable and friendly graphic style, smooth music, idle quest system and much more. Don’t worry about having too many tasks to do like in your old experience, you’re free to do whatever you want here. You can build and grow your own dream garden with dozens of unique varieties and sell them at the farmers market for profit.

Game Name : My Dear Farm

Game Version : 1.3.1

Category : Simulation Games

Size :  100MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

The gameplay is just that, simple yet addictive is the criterion of this game. Anyone can play, especially children. So if you want to kill time or just relax, then this game deserves to be on your mobile pick list. Want to know more about it? Join us now in the following sections.

Create your favorite character and go to the virtual garden

At the beginning of the game, the player will choose and customize his character. It looks so cute with a cartoon chibi style, plus dozens of accessories to customize the look. You can change hairstyle, hair color, clothes, add accessories and change avatar photo frame. Everything is simple enough, but enough to get you excited. Don’t forget to name your character to quickly enter the virtual garden just for you. Here, players will start building a dream miniature farm.

Screenshot image

Players will receive instructions from a friendly neighbor during their first experience. He will passionately show them every step of the way, from cultivating the land, sowing the seeds, to watering, harvesting, and selling the produce. Once he realizes you’ve really mastered it, he’ll leave a private space for you to practice and explore on your own. All operations are quite simple, just click on the screen to play. Specifically, players just need to click on the corresponding icons (like mining tools), then choose the appropriate location and see everything happen as desired.

Plant trees and grow the farm of your dreams

The game will give players many different seeds to plant. But they are not available for free, so they need to save their account to unlock them. Initially, they will have free wheat seeds to grow and sell to the local population. Money earned after harvesting can be used to buy new seeds at an old lady’s shop in town. You can buy more seeds for tomato, carrot, vegetables, tapioca, potato and more. Each type of agricultural production will have a different value, bringing profit for you to further develop your garden.

Screenshot image

Not only farm products, but players can also decorate their garden with many beautiful decorations. And, of course, they are not free either. Players need to use their coins to unlock tables, chairs, trailers, lampposts, rocks and dozens of other items in the Furniture Shop. Players can also decorate them in different areas of the My Dear Farm tickets infinite and everything unlocked. Just click and drag the items to the desired position, you can even rotate them in different directions. Combine items and create your own way to create the garden of your dreams. It will look like a miniature farm, but it has everything in the world.

The funny and friendly visual style

The most impressive thing about My Dear Farm is the graphic style. This makes players mistakenly think they are lost in a cartoon world that is both adorable and incredibly realistic. The game’s context is colorful, the objects and trees are small but detailed and deep. The game’s colors are very harmonious, vivid with soft colors, always creating a sense of interest to the eyes. As for the sound, it has relaxing background music, neither fast nor slow, creating a feeling of relaxation and attraction.

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Trees Unlocked

Unlimited Flowers & Crops

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