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Religion Inc Guide, Tips, Tricks and Strategies (God Simulator Guide)

in this guide Religion Inc infinite money 2022 (God Simulator Guide), you will learn how to play God Simulator Religion Inc game, win the games, about religion, enlightenment and other aspects like tips on how to spend enlightenment points, reduce atheism and much more. So let’s not waste time and let’s get to the main content: Religion Inc Guide and Tips for Beginners:-

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About This Game

Game Name : Religion Inc.

Game Version :

Category : Simulation

Game Size : 56MB

Get started with the Basics Guide to Religion Inc

In the game God Simulator Religion Inc, players can quickly enlighten people by building austerity. Austerity impacts the rate at which the enlightened appear. Navigate to the skill screen by tapping the religion icon/button in the lower left corner -> go to the second tab; the star tab/resources -> there you will find the skills that increase austerity. Tapping the skill will show its impact on three stats at the bottom; popularity, austerity and fanaticism. Spend the light points and build up austerity to increase the lit look ratio.

Mod Information

– Ability to make free skill purchases


– Player menu
– All Archetypes
– Award
– Premium Plus

Download Links


DOWNLOAD APK 1 v1.2.31

DOWNLOAD APK 2 v1.3.2.0

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