Rivengard 1.24.4 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

Game Name : Rivengard

Game Version : 1.24.4

Category : Strategy Games

Size :  100MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

If you like strategy fighting games, don’t miss the game I’m about to introduce in the article below. Rivengard is a game recently released by publisher Snowprint Studios AB. Unique and attractive gameplay, especially Rivengard, less than 100MB capacity, suitable for many midrange devices that can be downloaded and tried.

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The background of the Rivengard game is inspired by the Middle Ages. In this game, you will be transformed into a hero with the task of destroying monsters and freeing lands from the devil’s hands. Many magical lands, big maps let you explore and experiment freely.

Rivengard is a high strategy game. So, to win in Rivengard, you need to have a smart combat strategy, follow tricks to attract enemies and kill them quickly. The terrain in matches is surrounded by many patches of jungle and ancient rocks, creating many “mental obstacles” for players. However, if you know how to move correctly according to the territory of each level, you can make the most of the terrain and win quickly.

The higher you level up, the more powerful monsters and bosses you will have to face. Give yourself a unique fighting style, challenge the strongest bosses and subdue them.

Screenshot image

recruiting heroes

You are not alone on this arduous journey. Along the way, you can recruit many different heroes, forming the strongest team to defeat the enemy together. Each hero has skills and strengths. Choose carefully before matches to make the most of your special abilities. In addition, upgrading is also a way to help your team get stronger quickly.

graphics and sound

Rivengard is designed in an attractive Chibi style suitable for many ages. The simplified layout saves frames for those with small screens. Especially, the combat effects are elaborated by the manufacturer, so it looks very lively. Sound is a big plus. Heroic and fighting melodies and songs extremely excite players.

Screenshot image

Download Rivengard Mod Apk Free for Android

This is typical of the fun but not fun game series. Let me tell you a little more so you can see how complex and demanding the game is. Okay, playing the role of a hero means that you need to think about where you will build a base, which heroes to recruit, how to have the most diverse and diverse corps and how to control the heroes, how to organize the squad, how to upgrade the squad to prepare for the boss”. Each “comma” just mentioned is a process that sometimes takes hours, and doing it is not just with the heart, but with a cool head, deft hands with skill, experience.

Mod Information

– money increase when spent (network needs to be disconnected)

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