Sonic Dash 6.1.0 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

Game Name :  Sonic Dash

Game Version : 6.1.0

Category : Arcade Games

Size :  96MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

Download Sonic Dash apk mod updated – Going back to the game Sonic released immediately on Google Play, Sonic Dash is part of a game that has grown much more than games released on consoles since 1991. However, it is already old and well supported by many people on Google Play. That’s over 100 million downloads alone. Some players who have tested this product give a lot of positive reviews for “good games, good graphics, good gameplay, lots of features to choose from. Usually time consuming. “Actually, in just one sentence, this player sums up what a reviewer can say about Sonic Dash.

Sonic Dash Infinite Money 2022

Speaking of graphics, this game offers players a completely different external version when applying full 3D graphics to the gameplay. Also, it makes the player feel like they are playing a similar role from the person’s point of view, using the third view behind the character, but can observe the whole picture. The sound is undoubtedly projected in blue with its inherent look and bold, cartoonish look. When you run on long roads and pass through many cities, moving around is nothing new. Behind this, of course, will be the only known enemy so far. Eggman.

Sonic Dash All Characters Apk

Sonic Dash all unlocked apk mediafire – It looks like this was initially a game about Sonic, which meant talking about high-speed racing. The sound trace is no exception as it allows players to outrun this character to walk many different routes. The ultimate goal you need to achieve is that you don’t have to die during your journey. When the game ends, it depends on the player’s skill. It sounds like you guessed it will work in a game style like Temple Run. It will be an endless game. Players will overcome many of Sonic’s challenging roads that you must avoid. Over time, the speed will gradually increase, and with increasing frequency, challenges will arise. There will be circles scattered all over the road. Usually, racing players find a way to raise as many circles as possible. However, don’t be greedy. Sometimes it’s a trap.

Let’s face it – it’s very difficult to save rings in Sonic Dash, so you should mainly focus on your upgrades, which are permanent, as opposed to power-ups. When using your rings, pay for upgrades; Power-ups might actually be best avoided as they only work temporarily, and Sonic will be getting some power-ups along the way anyway.

Mod Information

– Endless rings and diamonds

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