Spaceflight Simulator Apk (MOD Infinite Fuel/Unlock All)

Download Spaceflight Simulator apk mod menu updated 2022

Spaceflight Simulator Apk Mod Unlimited Money Free Android This is a game about building your own rocket from parts and launching it to explore space! Realistically scaled planets, ranging from hundreds to kilometers in size with millions of kilometers of space between them. Realistic orbital mechanics Open the universe, if you see something in the distance you can go there, no limits, no invisible walls Spaceflight Simulator Apk Mod Unlimited Money.

About Spaceflight Simulator

Game Name : Spaceflight Simulator

Game Version :

Category : Simulation Game

Size : 36MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher


With Spaceflight Simulator’s parts, players can freely assemble their rockets. In addition, those tools are also found and created by myself to match my own desires. With intelligence and creativity, players will design, assemble and complete the train themselves. Use all your energy to get it done as quickly as possible to put your train to the test and fly into space. Based on personal preferences and desires to create a satisfactory train.



Vast space, large gives players exciting experiences. You can go anywhere you want in this vast universe, and Spaceflight Simulator does not confine you to an invisible wall. Your journey of discovery is limitless, and you can go everywhere, can go to Mars or Venus and countless other places without being constrained.

Download Spaceflight Simulator Mod Apk

The sun is the center of the solar system. The star has the highest temperature in the solar system. In Spacelight Simulator , your ship doesn’t collapse when approaching the sun, but the sun’s gravity can take over your ship when you reach a distance of 200,000 km.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Be careful, this planet has no atmosphere. Distance, gravity and air are factors that make landing difficult.

Venus is the second closest planet to the Sun. It is smaller than the Earth, but the atmosphere is larger than 10 km. You can land easier, but it is difficult to travel on it. Aerodynamic thrusters are a great choice if you want to explore this planet.

Mod Information

 All paid parts, textures and planets, as well as cheats are open (included in game settings: endless fuel, crippling atmospheric resistance, indestructible parts and no gravity)
– If content is not unlocked, completely close the game and restart -o with internet on

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