State of Survival 1.17.40 Apk (Infinite Menu/Skill Mod)

Download State of Survival apk mod mod infinite skill updated 2022 apk mediafire It’s packed with content, to say the least, and from day one of your dive, you’ll always find something to do to improve your settlement and strengthen your forces. While there should be idle times between production and build cooldowns, as well as waiting for stamina to replenish so you can venture out into the wild, efficiency requires more active time spent in-game.

State of Survival Mod Apk Unlimited biocaps

Your ultimate goal in State of Survival all infinity apk mediafire is to develop and maintain a solid shelter for you and other survivors in the world post-apocalyptic. While it’s a simple feat at first against mere zombies, the real challenge comes when other survivors come to try and take what you’ve worked for. Just like all other base building strategy games on mobile, the State of Survival mod menu has a highly competitive, PvP-centric environment while also offering PvE content that can be very challenging even for seasoned and veteran strategy game enthusiasts.

State of Survival biocaps infinite – With trials, marches, and every other battle heavily, if not entirely, relying on your heroes, there is an ongoing need to upgrade and improve them. Without that many heroes to start your journey, there are actually far fewer decision points regarding resource allocation as you will be inclined to invest upgrade materials in the first heroes that join you at the start of the game.

Download State of Survival Mod Apk

Upgrading the trio of heroes you use in most of your battles is a necessity, but at the same time, acquiring additional heroes, especially higher-level ones, will make you have to choose between them which ones to focus your resources on. Most of the time even efficient grinding will make it difficult for you to max out just 3 heroes and given this scenario 3 heroes should be the limit of your focus.

Game Information

Game Name: State of Survival

Game Version: 1.17.40

Category: Strategy Games

Size:  144MB

Requires Android: 4.4 or higher

MOD Information


– Infinite skill


– Hit kill
– God mod

Download Links


DOWNLOAD APK 1 v1.17.20

DOWNLOAD APK 2 v1.17.40

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