Tempest: Open-world Pirate RPG 1.7.3 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

You used to lose sleep and sleep with the legendary movie pirate in the Caribbean. The film gives viewers the most authentic feelings about the pirates’ lifestyle along with their journey to conquer the vast ocean. Do you want to be a pirate once? If there is Pirates Flag is definitely a great suggestion for you. An open world action RPG game with a cruise to explore the vast ocean world. Arriving at Pirates Flag, you will be involved in the journey to discover magical lands in the deep blue ocean. In addition, naval battles on the giant ships will also continue to take place.

Download Tempest: Open-world Pirate RPG Apk Mod Infinite Money Mediafire 2022

Pirates Flag is developed by developer HeroCraft – a company known for its stock of 100 fun games filled with genres. From the early days of its release, the game has received continuous praise from gamers. All thanks to the excellent graphic design style, the new unique gameplay,…

become a pirate

As presented above, it is an open world game, which means you can freely explore the virtual world. With traditional naval gameplay, you control your ship moving across the ocean to accomplish seemingly simple but not easy tasks to overcome. As a captain, your job is not just to steer a ship, you also need to build your own navy team. To improve the performance of the battleship, find yourself, strong sailors.

Look for treasures in the blue ocean

A single successful delivery is not enough to make you rich. Treasures are being guarded beneath the vastness. Browse for treasures to upgrade your warship and become a billionaire in the virtual world.

Screenshot image

War at sea is brutal

Similar to other pirate games, Pirates Flag also has extremely fierce naval battles. With the spread shooting mode, you can easily attack your opponent so that he cannot turn his hands. However, if the fuel economy can still be achieved quickly, keep the bull’s eye on the enemy’s correct position, the accuracy rate will increase significantly.

Not only naval battles with other players, legendary giant sea monsters like Kraken, Leviathan,… can also appear at any time. Keeping yourself ready is the only way to protect your battleship.

multiplayer mode

Believe it or not, with Multiplayer mode you can connect with your friends in the game. Declaring war on them, proving yourself to be the most powerful pirate in the Caribbean is entirely possible. This is also the best feature the game brings.


The 3D graphics are designed with extreme quality to give players the most realistic and vivid view of the marine world with a variety of beautiful sea creatures,… The context of the game is like a beautiful picture, every detail takes your eyes off.

Screenshot image

Download Tempest: Open-world Pirate RPG Mod Apk Free for Android

To become the most powerful pirate, dominate the ocean, you need to own a mighty warship. And of course, to do this, there is no other way, you can only upgrade to occupy your ship. Unfortunately, the remaining money is not enough to level up. Don’t worry, with Pirates Flag MOD APK we provide, you won’t have to worry about money issues. Thanks to the MOD (Unlimited Money) feature, you can shop and upgrade anything you want.

Game Information

Game Name: Tempest: Open-world Pirate RPG

Game Version: 1.7.3

Category : Role Playing Games

Size :  260MB

Requires Android : 5.0 or higher

MOD Information

– Unlimited Money
– Spend as much money as you want in the game, the amount of money you have doesn’t matter

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