The Dark Pursuer 1.91 Apk (MOD Full Version/Mod Menu)

The Dark Pursuer Latest Mod Apk
Mod Menu/Full Version

Game Name : The Dark Pursuer

Game Version : 1.91

Category : Action Game

Size : 165MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

About The Dark Pursuer

The Dark Pursuer God Mod Updated 2022 Download The Dark Pursuer Mod Apk right now and have the free game for android forever. You find yourself locked alone in an abandoned place, but something is nearby, something unknown and dangerous. Try to look for ways to get out of there, before you can’t anymore… You can also play multiplayer with your friend, in this mode you are the player and your friend is the monster that will try to catch you. Hide from him and escape to win. Normally your friend must be on the same Wifi network as you to play. For a better experience, play with The Dark Pursuer Mod Apk headphones !


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The level of difficulty of tasks and puzzles in The Dark Pursuer is not too difficult in my opinion. But you will have to compete against time. Most of the rhythm of the game is always associated with running. You can walk, but only when you want to think or find a hidden object , the rest is just run as fast as you can to save time. Do not forget to watch the doors, a terrible monster may appear there at any moment and you will not have time to react.

The Dark Pursuer Mod Menu Download

And the second difficulty is related to the design of the space in the game. You will need to find the key to start the car away from the scary field at night. Nearby is a wooden house, which may contain a key. The space of the house is not big, but it has a lot of nooks and crannies to hide, not to mention that from time to time you need to run into the field to complete some task in order to continue the challenges. This process of movement takes the player a lot of time, making him more and more overloaded.

The Dark Pursuer Unlock All Download

At the Abandoned Hospital level, the space is different. Everything takes place inside a building that used to be a hospital. So it’s very wide and has a lot of hidden corners. Each room has its own terrifying obsession, the long and deep corridors scare you, not to mention the monster that appears from time to time to scare you.

Because when playing in multiplayer mode, you will play the victim, and your friend will play the monster, trying to hunt down and kill. If you find a way out, you will win. Otherwise, your friends will be the winners.

Download The Dark Pursuer MOD Apk for Android

Step by step, approach the exit and for this use logical skills, cunning and ingenuity. This horror quest Will your nerves be tested for strength? Is there enough strength in you not to succumb to panic, stay still and leave? Atmospheric locations have been prepared for you, complementing the soundtrack, various tests and puzzles, as well as terrifying gameplay. Your hero will be in a terrible and abandoned place, he doesn’t remember how he got there, but now something else is more important: get out and stay alive.

Mod Information

– Endless money
– Change language in game settings to unlock all
– All paid content is unlocked: Money, God Mod, No Ban, Unlock All, No Ads .

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Download MOD APK [165MB]

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