Transit King Tycoon 5.28 Apk Mod (Infinite Money)

Download Transit King Tycoon apk mod infinite money updated 2022 allows players to participate in the industrial revolution on the island. The scenario takes place in a transition period of industrialization with trucks. More services appear, trading and exchanging more and more goods. Transit King Tycoon with very attractive gameplay gives players the best experience. Initially, your island has only trees and grass growing around it.

About Transit King Tycoon Apk

Game Name : Transit King Tycoon

Game Version : 5.28

Category : Strategy Games

Size :  107MB

Requires Android : 4.4 or higher

From an uninhabited island, you can make commercial activities busier than ever before. In real life, there are items like clothes, bathing suits and many other items in Transit King Tycoon is similar. At the beginning, you need to build each building for each different good. It will be a store in the future, but things don’t stop there. The next problem is the road, the player needs to open a lot of traffic routes for transport.

The island’s initial state has probably only made many think that it makes sense to let a herd of cows graze. But that didn’t happen in Transit King Tycoon. The player will develop cities on the island with many new items. Open many roads to ensure traffic requirements as well as fast transport speed. From a small business, you need to go through the process of gaining experience to create your own empire. Take control of all trading activities on the island and earn more money.

Download Transit King Tycoon Mod Apk

Roads are a rope that connects cities on an island. Transit King Tycoon needs diversity in people’s travels. Minimize traffic congestion or other issues by opening multiple routes. Transit time must always be punctual, no delay is allowed. Along with the process of building new stores and buildings, players also need to pay attention to improving the traffic system to be better.

Mod Information

– MOD menu
– Unlimited cash/notes
– with Notes you can buy coins, drivers,…..etc
Important notes
– Do not use mod in the tutorial.
– Do not use the mod until you get the error message “Not enough grades” and activate the mod.
– Do not abuse the mod (buy only one thing and turn off the mod, do not buy more)
– You can buy with cash even the value is shown in less.

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